About Us

VXT International Joint Stock Company (VXT International) is in the chain of systems and forms the circulation of VXT Group. VXT Group has built a series of activities to “Create value” with the desire of “Connecting beliefs, improving life” for the present and the future.

Member companies of VXT Group are operated with cohesion, forming a chain. From recruitment, enrollment to training quality human resources (VXT College); Investment and construction of domestic and foreign constructions (VXT Construction); Logistics, warehouse and Trade … Supplying domestic and foreign human resources (VXT International) – That is the link in the circulation chain of VXT Group. VXT International’s role and mission are Supplying domestic and foreign human resources, becoming VTX Manpower of VXT Group to reach the international level!

Inheriting and drawing upon practical experience in the market, from the practical needs of society and employees, from experienced and experienced employees. VXT International Joint Stock Company was established on January 20, 2020, by experienced members in many business areas. VXT Manpower has been, step by step, becoming one of the strong and multidisciplinary businesses, in which the main business activities of the Company: Training, Overseas study consultancy, Supply of human resources in and foreign trade, import-export business, construction…

With the business motto “Prestige – Quality – Speed up” constantly creating quality products and services to “Connect beliefs, improve life” to create sustainable development, contribute part of social development in accordance with the Party and State policies.

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