Open Letter

        Dear partners, customers!

VXT International Joint Stock Company would like to send to partners, customers the deepest gratitude and best wishes!

With the desire of “Connecting beliefs, improving life”, the trust and concern of domestic and international partners, and the trust and contribution of workers nationwide to the brand VXT Manpower always is a strong motivation to help us develop and contribute more for the benefit of the community.

VXT Manpower has diversified business activities, has been signing cooperation with many large corporations and companies in many fields: Commercial, construction, mechanical engineering, industrial-agricultural production, Training, Overseas study consultancy, and services providing human resources at home and abroad… To bring tens of thousands of workers including engineers, technicians, skilled workers, unskilled workers, and service professions to work in the country and many countries and territories such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, countries in the Middle East / North Africa… At the same time also helps many students find jobs and have a good learning environment to increase income and improve knowledge.

Owning a management team with many years of experience, a collective of professional, youthful, dynamic, creative employees and modern facilities, with scientific investment, building a system of modern offices management, overseas management and recruitment network spread throughout the country, understanding the Vietnamese’s labor market, VXT Manpower affirmed to meet all the requirements of customers and partners in the field of business and supply. Human resources at home and abroad.

Our students and employees in the course of orientation and vocational training, foreign languages ​​in Vietnam will be interested, supported, and facilitated by VXT Group in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Labor and Trade. Military and Social.

VXT Manpower always appreciates the sincere support and cooperation of our partners, customers, and employees over the past time. We pledge to strive and improve continuously for our belief to be sustainable.

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                                                                                               Sincerely thanks to our customers, Partners!

                                                                                                           Mr. Duong Doanh – CEO