Update: 20.08.2020

Information about the Romanian labor market:

In recent years, due to a large number of highly skilled and trained workers in Romania leaving to find better-paying jobs in developed countries in the US and Western Europe, this country has a labor shortage. Increasingly serious. The results of recent surveys show that the demand for recruitment of Romanian enterprises is increasing rapidly.

According to published documents, skilled workers in Romania have a shortage of 61% (in 2015) and 65% (in 2016). This is a difficult situation that negatively affects production and business activities of many factories and enterprises in the area. The Romanian businesses that are difficult to recruit today include mechanical engineers, high-tech welders, information technology specialists, automated machinery operators, hotel-restaurant staff, and management technicians. sales management and …

Labor situation in Vietnam in Romania:

In the last 3 years (2015-2017), the number of Vietnamese employees recruited by Romanian enterprises to work under fixed-term contracts in the area has been increasing, especially in 2017. These are mainly are common labor professions such as welders, masons, carpenters, mechanical assemblers, tailors, foremen, supervisors … Labor force is recruited from Vietnam under the current contract. working in Romanian cities and localities such as Bucarest, Ploiesti, Constanta, Brasov, Tulcea, Timis, Iasi, Vrancea, Cluj Napoca, Olt etc …

According to unofficial statistics, as of December 2017, the total number of Vietnamese workers in different occupations working under contracts in the Romanian localities was about 550-600 people, (number of workers This is mainly to Romania to work under labor contracts signed for the period 2017-2018, while the contracts signed for the period 2015-2016 have ended).

Basic interests of Vietnamese workers in the Romanian market:

– Contractual salary: Average from 450-600 USD / month (for welders, builders, mechanics …). From 800-1,000 USD / month (for foreman and engineer)
– Contract term: 2-3 years (can be extended).
– Working time: 5 days / week, 8 hours a day (40 hours / week) + can work overtime. Work in different locations in Romania (depending on contract).
– Accommodation expenses + social insurance + health insurance + air tickets to and from home: paid by the employer.
– State tax: The employer pays the employee.
– Vacation regime, compensation for damage: according to the Romanian Labor Law.

In order to create a safe and stable legal framework, to support and promote labor cooperation between Vietnam and Romania, the two governments are considering signing a labor cooperation agreement in the near future./.

ST/ DD – Le Ngoc Thi – Vietnam Embassy Trade Counselor in Romania.

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